The Huron County Tourism Sign Program includes 3 types of signs:
1) Installation of new Welcome Boundary signs at every County Road entrance to Huron County was completed in 2010.

2) New branded Community signs began being installed in 2010 and are installed on a replacement basis (based on condition). Most communities now have one or more of these signs in place.

3) Tourism business and attraction Directional signs are available for order on an user pay basis through this Program (please refer to the below brochure for information).

Key Objectives

1) Elevate Huron County’s image as a tourist destination and enhance the promotion of Ontario’s West Coast.

2) Inform and direct visitors to Huron County’s tourism businesses and attractions to increase visitation and spending.

3) Provide road users with consistent and branded tourism signage information.

4) Enhance the quality of experience for visitors to the County.

5) Implement a customer-service approach to the management and delivery of tourism signage.

If you have any questions or would like us to send you a signage package, please email Jenna Ujiye at or call 519-524-8394 ext.6

2017 Sign Program Brochure

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