Huron Multicultural Festival

The Huron Multicultural Festival returns to Courthouse Park in Goderich on Sunday, Sept. 11, from 12-6 p.m. All are welcome to enjoy this free outdoor festival that celebrates the customs and traditions of Canada’s diverse populations. The festival includes a stage show of music and dance from around the world, a global food court and marketplace, children’s activities and licensed beer garden. 

Watch for full details of performers as they are confirmed.




Claudia & Julian, a.k.a. “Calú” and “Jules,” are a flamenco duo based in the Region of Waterloo. They met in Spain where they were both taking flamenco classes, and eventually settled in Waterloo where Claudia was attending grad school. They now dedicate themselves entirely to teaching and performing flamenco, and cultivating a local flamenco scene through their annual Flamenco Fest.

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Confidance Bharatham

Confidance Bharatham is committed to training students in Bharathanatyam along with giving opportunities to perform contemporary choreographies. The founder/director Meera Kanageswaran is passionate about providing an inclusive space for students to learn this storytelling dance form. Confidance Bharatham’s recent works explore secular, contemporary storytelling through Bharathanatyam.

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Peruvian Roots

Peruvian Roots is a dance group formed by proud and passionate Peruvians. Through their dances they want to show an insight of Peru in Canada.

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Toronto’s own Polky was created by courageous Polish ladies, singer Ewelina Ferenc, dancer Ala Stasiuk, and multi-instrumentalist Marta Solek. Polky, meaning “Polish women,” came together through a shared passion for Eastern European music’s enigmatic and upbeat style. Joined by Canadian musicians, Polky brings its original sound to Eastern European traditional music by adding a uniquely Canadian and multicultural flavour.

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Tanghetto is a tango and electrotango band based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are the winner of two Gardel awards and four-time Latin Grammy nominee, presenting their last two albums Reinventango and Plays Piazzolla both with nominations in the last year. Inspired by social issues and a pioneer in inclusion in the world of tango, Tanghetto was the first orchestra to play at the Queer Tango Festival in Buenos Aires in 2007.

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Tonantzin Aztec Dance Group

Tonantzin Aztec Dance Group of Toronto is a collective of various immigrant and First Nations artists who identify as aboriginal persons with roots and ancestry in the indigenous communities of the Americas. While Tonantzin started as a collection of individuals who strove to keep our traditions, knowledge and dances alive, they now boast a dedicated Collective whose purpose is to recover, keep and evolve the traditional Aztec dance movements, meanings and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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