Taste of Huron is an award-winning member-based program of Huron Tourism Association with a mission to celebrate Huron County’s Harvest by promoting locally produced, sustainable foods and culinary excellence on Ontario’s West Coast!

Watch for great Culinary Adventures, visit our Farmers’ Markets for fresh seasonal produce and enjoy Food for Thought Dinners.

ArtSee Cafe & Bistro Benmiller Inn & Spa Eddingtons of Exeter
19 Main Street 81175 Benmiller Line 527 Main St S
Bayfield ON N0M 1G0 Goderich, ON N7A 3Y1 Exeter, ON N0M 1S1
enjoy@artseecafe.ca events@benmillerinnandspa.com wine@execulink.com
www.artseecafe.ca www.benmillerinnandspa.com www.eddingtons.ca
ph:  (519) 524-2191 ph:  (519) 235-3030
Hessenland Country Inn Little Inn of Bayfield Queens Bakery & Suites
RR 2, Zurich, ON N0M 2T0 26 Main St., Bayfield N0M 1G0 430 Queen St., Blyth  N0M 1H0
hessen@hessenland.com darren@littleinn.com queensbakery@tcc.on.ca
www.hessenland.com www.littleinn.com
ph:  (519) 236-7707 ph:  (519) 565-2611 ph:  (226) 523-9720
Samuels Hotel Thyme on 21 Casual Dining
34031 Saltford Road 80 Hamilton St.
Goderich, ON  N7A 3Y1 Goderich, ON    N7A 1P9
kim@samuelshotel.ca thymeon21@cabletv.on.ca
www.samuelshotel.ca www.thymeon21.com
ph:  (519) 524-1371 ph:  (519) 524-4171
Burdan’s Red Cat Farm Falcon Spring Farms Metzger Meat Products Inc.
82560 Bluewater Hwy, RR 5,  40987 Front Rd, 180 Brock Ave,
Goderich, ON  N7A 3X9 Clinton, ON  N0M 1L0 Hensall, ON  N0M 1X0
sophieburdan@yahoo.ca falconsprings@tcc.on.ca gmetzger@metzgermeats.com
ph:  (519) 524-1283 ph:  (519) 233-5393 ph:  (519) 262-3130
Old 86 Farmers’ Market Rader’s Homestyle Market Robinson’s Maple Products
RR #2,  44229 Amberley Rd, 56 Stanley St., 84548 St. Augustine Ln,
Wroxeter, ON  N0G 2X0 Goderich, ON  N7A 3K5 Auburn, ON  N0M 1E0
info@old86farmersmarket.com jrader14@hotmail.com robinmap@hurontel.on.ca
www.old86farmersmarket.com www.robinsonmaple.com
ph:  (519) 291-4643 ph:  (519) 440-5151 ph:  (519) 529-7857
The Garlic Box
P.O. Box 430, 54 London Road
Hensall, ON  N0M 1X0
ph  (519) 262-2470
Bayfield Berry Farm Jerry Rader Homestyle Catering & Market Grand Bend Farmers’ Market
RR #1, 77697 Orchard Ln, 56 Stanley Street, GODERICH, ON  N7A 3K5 1 Main Street West, Colonial Parking Lot,
Bayfield, ON  N0M 1G0 38110 Zurich-Hensall Road,  ZURICH, ON  N0M 2T0 Grand Bend, ON  N0M 1T0
berryfarm@tcc.on.ca http://radershomestylemarket.ca grandbendmarket@gmail.com
www.bayfieldberryfarm.on.ca jrader14@hotmail.com grandbendfarmersmarket.ca
ph:  (519) 482-1666 ph:  519-440-5151 ph:  226-520-0144
Riverbend Gardens & Nursery Stonefield Garden Centre & Market 
RR #2, 43846 C Line Rd, 77688 Orchard Ln,
Wroxeter, ON  N0G 2X0 Bayfield, ON  N0M 1G0
shirley@riverbendgardens.net info@stonefieldgardencentre.ca
www.riverbendgardens.net www.stonefieldgardencentre.ca
ph:  (519) 335-6175 ph:  (519) 482-3020
Township of Ashfield- Colborne-Wawanosh Municipality of Central Huron
RR #5, Goderich, ON  N7A 3Y2 23 Albert St., P O Box 400,
Clinton, ON  N0M 1L0
clerk@acwtownship.ca info@centralhuron.com
www.acwtownship.ca www.centralhuron.ca
ph:  (519) 524-4669 ph:  (519) 482-3997
Brentwood Cottages Central Huron YMCA Huron Historic Gaol
Bayview Subdivision, Princess St. 239 Fleming Drive 181 Victoria St. North
St. Joseph, N0M 2T0 Clinton, ON N0M 1L0 Goderich, ON  N7A 2S9
info@brentwoodonthebeach.com www.ymcaswo.ca phamilton@huroncounty.ca
www.brentwoodonthebeach.com www.huroncounty.ca/museum
ph:  (519) 236-7137 ph:  (519) 482-3655 ph:  (519) 524-6971
Noble Guest House Brentwood on the Beach Sybille’s Garden B & B
76893 Morrison Line, 33937 Moore Crt. 74 London Rd,
Clinton, ON  N0M 1L0 St. Joseph, ON  N0M 2T0 Hensall, ON  N0M 1X0
falconspring@tcc.on.ca brentwoodonthebeach.com www.bbcanada.com/sybillesgbnb
ph:  (519) 233-5393 ph: (519) 236-7137 ph:  (519) 262-3431