Courtesy of Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol

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Heritage AUDIO tours

Download one of the Huron County Historic Walking Tours audio tours from Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Choose from 12 walking tours in Bayfield, Blyth and Goderich. 


Goderich Walking Tour

Goderich Harbour Tour

The mouth of the Menesetunk from the Attawandaron to today.

Goderich Walking Tour

Courthouse Square, Goderich

Where it all starts. The Courthouse Square in Goderich, Ontario.

Goderich Walking Tour

West Street, Goderich

Learn the history behind places on West Street: The Lighthouse, City Hall and Lions Harbour Park.

Historic Huron County Gas Station

South Street & East Street, Goderich

Discover the history behind commonly seen places in Goderich. The Livery, Bedford hotel and the Fauxpop Train Station.

Goderich Walking Tour

North Street, Goderich

There’s lots of history behind North Street in Goderich, Ontario. Saint George’s Anglican Church, The Huron County Museum, St. Peter’s Catholic Church and the Huron Historic Gaol.

Goderich Walking Tour

Menesetung Bridge & Tiger Dunlop Tomb, Goderich

There’s so much history behind these two iconic places in Goderich.


Bayfield Audio Tour

Bayfield Main Street, Bayfield

A globetrotting nurse, a daring rescue, and a murder bring Main Street history to life.

Bayfield Audio Tour

Pioneer Park & Bayfield Habour, Bayfield

Shipwrecks, sailors, and the history of Admiral Bayfield beside the lake.

Historic Bayfield Bridge

Clan Gregor Square, Bayfield

Lovers and cow patties, war memorials and more in Bayfield’s town square.


Blyth Audio Tour

Blyth Village Life, Blyth

The quirky characters of Blyth’s history.

Blyth Audio Tour

Blyth Festival & Memorial Hall, Blyth

The town, and Theatre Company, that saved a war memorial.

Blyth Audio Tour

Blyth Greenway Trail, Blyth

Life on the rails that became Blyth’s trail.