Catering to all tastes, Huron County’s chefs are ready to serve flavor-packed dishes, delightful home-baked goods and local brews. Find a quick snack, a picnic lunch or a full-course dining adventure – the options on Ontario’s West Coast are endlessly delicious!

Cafes & Bakeries

Make it a habit to drop by our local cafes and bakeries that pride themselves on fresh pastry delights and locally brewed coffee. A warm and fragrant welcome awaits!


From casual fine dining and ethnic cuisine to country truck stops and local pubs, our chefs are ready to provide you with a delicious dining experience! Sample and savour the local flavor on Ontario’s West Coast!

Quick Bites

After a long day at the beach or an outdoor adventure, some visitors are looking for a quick bite. We have a variety of drive-in, deli-style and fast food establishments ready to serve you!

Find your perfect Taste of Huron experience: