Catering to all tastes, Huron County chefs are ready to serve flavor-packed dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Find a quick bite, takeaway picnic lunch, or a full-course farm-to-table dining adventure – the options on Ontario’s West Coast are endlessly delicious!


Courtesy of The Albion Hotel

The Albion Hotel

1 Bayfield Main St N, Bayfield

Courtesy of Bayfield Berry Farm

Bayfield Berry Farm

77697 Orchard Line, Bayfield  

The Little Inn of Bayfield

26 Bayfield Main St N, Bayfield

Renegades Diner

34023 Mill Rd, Bayfield


Courtesy of The Tandoori House

Bayfield Tandoori House

34777 Bayfield River Rd, Bayfield

Courtesy of Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro

Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro

5 Main Street N., Bayfield

Courtesy of The HUB on the Docks

The HUB on the Docks

76559 Bluewater Highway, Bayfield

Courtesy of Bayfield Brewing Co.’s Public House

Bayfield Brewing Co.’s Public House

14 Main Street N., Bayfield

Courtesy of The Lakehouse of Bayfield

The Lake House of Bayfield

21 Bayfield Main Street N., Bayfield

Courtesy of Olio


9 Main Street North, Bayfield


Courtesy of Cowbell Brewing Co.

Cowbell Brewing Co.

40035 Blyth Road, Blyth

The Blyth Inn

422 Queen St, Blyth


JR’s Family Restaurant

390 Turnberry St, Brussels


Courtesy of Bartliff’s Bakery and Restaurant

Bartliffs Bakery and Restaurant

46 Albert St, Clinton

Courtesy of Kate’s Station

Kate's Station

76988 London Rd, Clinton



Courtesy of Beach Street Station

Beach Street Station

2 Beach Street, Goderich

Coaches Burger Joint

75 Hamilton St, Goderich

Courtesy of Park House Restaurant

Park House Restaurant

168 West Street, Goderich

Courtesy of Steve and Mary’s on the Square

Steve and Mary's

58 Courthouse Square, Goderich

Courtesy of West Street Willy’s

West Street Willy's

42 West St, Goderich

Courtesy of Benmiller Inn & Spa

Benmiller Inn & Spa

81175 Benmiller Line, Goderich

Goderich Harbour Restaurant

111 North Harbour Rd W, Goderich

Courtesy of Part II Bistro

Part II Bistro

10 Courthouse Square, Goderich

The Station

81643 Bluewater Highway Goderich

Bluewater Restaurant

289 Huron Rd, Goderich

Courtesy of Paddy O’Neil’s

Paddy O'Neil's

92 Courthouse Square, Goderich

Courtesy of River Run Restaurant

River Run Restaurant

25 North Harbour Rd E, Goderich

Courtesy of West Street Sushi

West Street Sushi

40 West St, Goderich


Oakwood Resort

70671 Bluewater Hwy, Grand Bend


White Carnation

79867 Parr Line, Clinton


Exeter Thai Cuisine

365 Main St S, Exeter

The Barn Restaurant & Pub

40374 Kirkton Road, Centralia

Courtesy of Eddington’s of Exeter

Eddington’s of Exeter

527 Main Street S., Exeter

Huron Family Restaurant

132 Main St S, Exeter


Port Albert General Store & Pub

4 Central Wellington St, Goderich


The HUB Seaforth

164 Main St S, Seaforth

Maria’s Wok n Dine

23 Main St N, Seaforth


Castings Public House

289 Josephine Street, Wingham

Sunnyside Grill

355 Josephine St Unit 1, Wingham

Courtesy of Riverview Local Eatery

Riverview Local Eatery

499 Josephine St, Wingham

Thaiville Restaurant

194 Josephine St, Wingham


Courtesy of Hessenland Inn

Hessenland Inn & Schatz Winery

72981 ON-21, Zurich

Courtesy of White Squirrel Restaurant