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The Port Of Goderich

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The Port Of Goderich

Visitors to the Port of Goderich have been mixing work with pleasure for nearly 200 years. The Goderich Harbour boasts the only deep-water port on Ontario’s West Coast. Around 250 lake freighters and ocean-going vessels annually pass through the break walls and dock alongside the piers to be loaded with salt, grain and calcium chloride.

Goderich is the largest urban community in Huron County and it no doubt owes this fact to the discovery of salt that occurred in 1866 when prospector Samuel Platt was on a quest for black gold. What evolved from that discovery is the largest salt mine in the world, located 1,750 feet deep and three kilometres out under Lake Huron with a capacity to draw about nine million tons of salt a year.

In the shadow of industry, to the south of the harbour there is a tremendous beach front that gives priority to both beach combers and sun worshippers. One and a half kilometres of scenic lakeshore boardwalk, with an opportunity for ice cream at both ends, is sure to impress those individuals who don’t enjoy sand between their toes. It also provides a great place to view world renowned sunsets and the antics of those mighty, yet diminutive, tug boats that guide the ships into port. 

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    The Goderich Harbour boasts the only deep-water port on Ontario’s West Coast.
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