Escape to an undiscovered oasis on Ontario’s West Coast. Here, amidst our thriving agricultural landscape, you can indulge in farm-to-table dining featuring the freshest local produce complemented by artisanal beverages from boutique wineries and microbreweries. Explore our pristine sandy beaches, winding hiking trails, and abundant recreational opportunities, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds. Engage in our vibrant cultural scene, from captivating theatre to lively festivals celebrating our local heritage. Embrace our laid-back vibe, where simplicity reigns—think favourite jeans, an old t-shirt, and bare feet—a true embodiment of country living. Whether taking in a sunset or strolling through our charming towns, let Huron County enchant you with its warmth, inviting you to unwind and savour every moment of your stay.


Huron County is bursting with fun activities to enjoy! Taste the local flavours, relax at the beach, enjoy an action-packed day outdoors, or spend the afternoon watching world-class theatre – there is something for everyone!

Father’s Day on Ontario’s West Coast

Father’s Day on Ontario’s West Coast

Treat your dad to an unforgettable experience on Ontario's West Coast this Father's Day! Start the day in nature spending some time on the mighty Maitland with a fishing trip at Falls Reserve Conservation Area or book an outing with Fly Fitters to learn all the ropes...

June Festival & Event Highlights

June Festival & Event Highlights

June Festival & Event HighlightsDive into a vibrant celebration of diversity and creativity this June on Ontario’s West Coast! From the electrifying Huron County Pride Festival to the profound Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story, and the rich cultural tapestry...

Drive-In Dining

Drive-In Dining

Before there were food trucks there was the drive-in restaurant and hamburger stand. Huron County is home to six of these independently-owned drive-in restaurants.

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Huron County is a big place with lots of countryside to see and explore. On the following pages, you’ll find plenty of day-tripping inspiration for all nine municipalities that make up Huron County. We recommend you pack a cooler and blanket, turn up the tunes and spend a day wandering and poking around some of the towns, villages, shops, sites, landscapes, and occasional oddities that are Ontario’s West Coast.


Hike in Huron

Explore over 30 hiking trails available for all ages and skill levels. Experience the scenic landscapes that Huron County has to offer, all year-round