Here in Huron County, we don’t live to work, we work to live. Grow your career here in the trades, agriculture, manufacturing, health care, public administration or creative industries. Check out our regional job board, and connect with one of our employment service providers located throughout the County to discuss the many opportunities available.

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As young professionals leading a nomadic lifestyle, our initial move to Huron County was driven by the promising job opportunities within the mining industry. However, once we arrived, the county’s charm swiftly captured our hearts. Huron County has a beautiful view of the lake and excellent trails to explore with our dogs. The warmth and openness of the community played a significant role and have presented numerous avenues for personal and professional growth. Beyond the career prospects, the inviting atmosphere and opportunities for meaningful connections made us realize that Huron County could offer us not just a job but a place to establish roots and call home.


Whether you’re an aspiring professional, skilled tradesperson, new graduate, or looking to make a change, you’ll find an opportunity that aligns with your skills, passions, and goals.

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Huron County Unemployment Rate | 2023

Industry Spotlight: Agriculture

Huron County is one of the most agriculturally productive parts of Ontario. It enjoys a long history of successful agricultural development, and is a leader in the production of soybeans, corn, and hogs. Huron County is also emerging as a hub for the production of niche crops for specialty markets, and is home to a rapidly growing cluster of wineries and breweries.

Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a pillar of Huron County’s economy. From wood and metal fabrication to high-tech machine shops and large foundries, the diversity of Huron County’s industry has been a source of strength for decades.

Much of our manufacturing base supports of compliments our robust agricultural sector. Existing and emerging food processors lead the way in innovation and in the development of new economic opportunities and markets. Other firms are tightly integrated with the supply chains of some of Ontario’s biggest industrial operations, including the automotive sector.

Industry Spotlight: Creative Arts

From innovations in design and manufacturing process and equipment, architecture, film, music, research and development, software creation to advertising and information handling services and electronic publishing.

Welcoming countryside and coastline communities, time and room to pursue recreation, arts and cultural passions proves to be a winning mix for our creative industry employees. 

Industry Spotlight: Tourism & Hospitality

Known as Ontario’s West Coast, Huron County offers a diverse tourism experience from the vast and rich countryside to 110km of coastline. Our retail and hospitality sector is one of the largest employers in the area, covering a market of over 60,000 people!

Industry Spotlight: Heathcare

Huron County has an extensive healthcare network consisting of hospitals, medical, dental, and eye care clinics, and other assorted health professionals. 

Industry Spotlight: Retail and Service

Huron County’s retail and service sector covers a market that contains a population of approximately 60,000 people and is one of the largest employers in the area utilizing an estimated 20% of the workforce.


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