Though one of the smallest communities in Huron County, Blyth is well on its way to becoming one of the largest cultural and artisanal centres. It is easy to lose an entire weekend just within its 2.5 km2  borders – with every hour chockfull of places to shop, activities to do and some of the best food around to fill your belly with! 

Begin your stay in Blyth by staying at Hotel Lux, with each room uniquely designed in a luxury boutique style, the Blyth Inn, a historical hotel which has been renovated with beautiful decor, or the Blyth Studio Suites, a completely modernized luxury oasis where you can enjoy the slower pace of life and savour all that Huron County has to offer. Once unpacked, head over to the Blyth Inn for some brunch – while now a hotspot for tourists, the inn was once also a hot spot for prohibition era business and tradesmen. Once satiated, it is time to go shopping! 

At Bainton’s Old Mill, there is truly something for everyone – from ‘grab and go’ socks, moccasins and mitts and gloves, to larger investment pieces such a leather jacket or professional wear. Across the street you will find Wonky Frog, home to artists Scott and Cat. Their one room store is not only bursting at the seams with their own creations (paintings from Scott and pottery from Cat), but also from artisans all across the county – from one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, to essential oils, to books from local authors, to crystals and more! Don’t forget to book a claydate with Cat, where you and your travel companion can make your own unique clay piece!

To continue on your adventure in the art world, head down the street to Fashion Arts & Creative Textiles Studio (FACTS) – an educational and innovative hub for textile, fashion and costume designers, artists and artisans across Ontario! Like at the Wonky Frog, FACTS also offers you the opportunity to put your creativity to use, through classes, open studios and workshops. Visit FACTS partner business, Pick a Posie, to pick yourself up a vintage dress or tie to go alongside the leather jacket you picked up at Bainton’s! Just across the street you will also find Wild Goose Studio Canada, yet another artistic feast for your eyes  (featuring the work of painter Cindy McKenna and creative wood craftsman Hans Veenvliet) and Stitches With a Twist (featuring some of the most stunning gorgeous handspun yarns available on the market)! 

Feeling a bit peckish? Head on down to Maple and Moose to grab some of their top-quality Canadian gourmet foods to munch on or jump in your car and head on down to the Blyth Ultramar to pick up some of Papa Coco’s famous meat pies, shepherd’s pies and more! Once refueled, make your way over to PIANOVATIONS Music Centre to pick up one of the most unique instruments around, a Eddy Finn Cigar box ukulele, or to Blyth Printing to pick up a used book or two to lose yourself in when you find some down time! Now that your shopping is complete, it’s time to doll yourself up for a night on the town – taking in one of the Blyth Festival Theatre’s renowned performances (after enjoying a dinning experience like no other at Cowbell Brewing Co., that is)! 

Located at the corner of Highways 4 and 25, Cowbell Brewing Co. is one of Canada’s destination breweries (having recently been named one of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award winners!). This award-winning, family-friendly, accessible, sustainable, inclusive, social entrepreneurship is unlike anything else in Canada – not unlike the next stop on your tour, the Blyth Festival TheatreAt the Blyth Festival Theatre, you will quickly be won over by their belief that rural Canada has a history and imagination that is full, vibrant and as worthy of championing as any Shakespeare play – with recent performances such as The Wilberforce Hotel, The Pigeon King and The Last Donnelly Standing.

After an adventurous evening indoors, the next morning it is time to get outdoors! For those who are looking for a bit milder of adventure, book a tour with Blyth Bike Tours, learning all about the rich history of Blyth by taking a guided bike tour (one hour, three hour and family/private tours are available from July to September), or  stroll the Greenway Trail’s Butterfly Garden! For those looking for more adventure, hop on a bike and hit the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail – which runs 127 km along the former CPR railway line, stretching from downtown Guelph to the waters of Lake Huron!