We’re country casual, more shorts and sandals than suit and tie and so are our beers. The IPAs, sour ales, dark stouts and every other flavor and colour combination are best enjoyed on a warm summer day on the cottage deck, while tending to the grill, after a round of golf or sitting around a campfire.

Vine & Ale Trail

Vine and Ale Trail CoverDiscover what’s growing in Huron County, Ontario’s newest wine, cider and craft beer destination!


Courtesy of Bad Apple Brewing Company

Bad Apple Brewing Company

73463 Bluewater Highway, Zurich

Located a stone’s throw away from the shores of Lake Huron, you will find Bad Apple Brewing Company Ltd. The craft brewery is located in a renovated century barn, surrounded by an orchard where they grow some produce that is found in their very own recipes. Despite the name, you’ll find no bad apples here, priding themselves on their country atmosphere, hospitality and, of course, lots of craft beer!

Courtesy of Bayfield Brewing Co.

Bayfield Brewing Co.

14 Main Street North, Bayfield

With their passion for delicious beer, food, people and their community, co-owners Ryan Keys, Sarah Keys and Bianca Safai came together to open the Bayfield Brewing Co. in early 2019 in the heart of historic downtown Bayfield — to the excitement of both residents and tourists alike. The brew house has four staple beers on tap — Navigating Lieutenant (a light lager), Woolen Shop (a brown ale), Cabinet Maker (a Canadian pale ale) and Captain Ronny (an IPA).

Courtesy of Cowbell Brewing Co.

Cowbell Brewing Co.

40035 Blyth Road, Blyth

Craft Beer that Rings True.
Sustainability focused. Community minded. Family-friendly, fully-accessible restaurant and destination craft brewery.

Courtesy of River Road Brewing & Hops

River Road Brewing & Hops

35449 Bayfield River Road, Bayfield

From farm to glass, River Road Brewing and Hops—Bayfield’s first farm-based brewery—grows the very ingredients that makes up their beloved beverages. Through their sustainable brewing process, River Road Brewing and Hops has been able to craft staples such as Thanks Ale Latte, One Lonely Scottish Night, and Two Coconuts Walk into a Bar.

Courtesy of Square Brew Co

Square Brew Co

430 Parsons Court, Goderich

Its name inspired by the heart of Goderich, Square Brew has, in turn, won the heart of those well beyond Goderich’s square. Producing roughly 2000 litres of beer per week, the brewery is able to meet demand for its ever-popular 1L Growlers – in such flavours as Something Dark American Porter, Huron County Mango Squad, and Square One.

Courtesy of Stone House Brewing Company

Stone House Brewing Company

76050 Parr Line, Varna

With over 25 years of experience under his belt, and after having trained under a German Brewmaster, Mike Corrie opened the Stone House Brewing Company in 2016. Stone House Pilsner is a true Czech Pilsner beer. Crystal clear and deep golden in colour. A very crisp, clean approachable and refreshing Pilsner.