Slice of Pie Trail

Who doesn’t love pie? Find out where to get the best tasty, fresh baked pies across Huron County!

1. Bartliff's Bakery & Restaurant

46 Albert St, Clinton

2. Bayfield Berry Farm

77697 Orchard Line, Bayfield

3. Culbert's Bakery

49 West St, Goderich

4. Gorrie Line Produce

44122 Howick-Turnberry Rd, Wroxeter

*Pies available on Friday and Saturday

5. Jerry Rader Homestyle Market

38110 Zurich-Hensall Rd, Zurich

56 Stanley St, Goderich

6. Maitland Market & Supply

79988 Porter’s Hill Line, Goderich

7. Zehr's Country Market

75073 Bluewater Hwy, Bayfield