Slow Your Roll on Ontario's West Coast

Slow Your Roll

Welcome to Huron County. We’re serving country living realness. Nothing too fancy, more of a favourite jeans paired with an old t-shirt in bare feet kind of a vibe. Oh, you’ll definitely find lots of nice things and quality places while you’re here, but pretentiousness and fancy airs are not how we roll. In fact, we prefer to keep it simple.

That Huron County feeling is easy—easy like Sunday morning—but all day long and every day. Picture yourself with a cup of coffee in hand, no plans, nowhere to be, just taking it all in as it comes. Maybe you’ll want to spend the day at the beach—it’s a wasted Canadian summer if you don’t do that at least one or two days! Or go for a nice hike under a canopy of trees, have a drink on a patio with old friends, or pick up the tastiest produce for dinner at the local Farmers’ Market. These are just a few suggestions of what you can do while visiting Ontario’s West Coast. So breathe a little deeper, relax a little longer… we’ve got what you need to slow your roll in Huron County.

Plan Your Visit to Ontario's West Coast

There are so many things to see and do on Ontario’s West Coast! Whether you’re planning a special weekend stay or a family getaway, there are plenty of things to do to make your vacation an unforgettable one. 


Ontario's West Coast Dining Guide

Discover the very best places to eat along Ontario’s West Coast. From countryside to coastline, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover and we’re here to help you discover all that Huron County has to offer!

Ontario's West Coast VG Cover

The 2023 Ontario’s West Coast Visitor’s Guide is now available!

Pick up your copy at area Visitor Centres and tourism businesses.


A Taste of Huron

Let our local flavours be your guide as you travel Ontario’s West Coast. The farm-to-table tastes will be sure to keep you coming back for more!

Trails & Tales

Trails & Tales is a collection of Huron County’s treasures and hidden gems, insider knowledge and must-try experiences curated by our friends, neighbours, and locals across Ontario’s West Coast. Inspiration awaits!

Celebrating the Harvest on Ontario’s West Coast

Celebrating the Harvest on Ontario’s West Coast

Huron County is the most agriculturally productive region in Ontario so fall around here means harvest season. We invite you to plan a trip to enjoy our breathtaking fall colours and the abundance of fresh produce grown on Ontario’s West Coast.  How do you like them...

Huron County: Ontario’s Newest Craft Beer and Wine Destination

Huron County: Ontario’s Newest Craft Beer and Wine Destination

Ontario’s West Coast has quickly emerged as one of Ontario’s newest craft beer and wine regions. You’ll find farm-to-table beer and wine as well as crisp ciders, IPAs, sour ales, dark stouts, and every flavour and colour combination in between. Huron County offers two...

Enjoy Dinner or a Wine Tasting in the Vineyard

Enjoy Dinner or a Wine Tasting in the Vineyard

Hessenland Inn and Schatz Winery is offering a unique al fresco dining experience this summer.  You can enjoy dinner or a wine tasting at a table set-up right in the vineyards.  Experience their newly launched menu as you sit among the grape vine enjoying a glass (or...


Hike in Huron

Explore over 30 hiking trails available for all ages and skill levels. Experience the scenic landscapes that Huron County has to offer, all year-round