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Arts, Culture & Heritage

A Role To Play
When the season opens, the surging, creative energy of The Blyth Festival Theatre washes over everyone.
Behind The Bars
Step up to the imposing front entrance of the Huron Historic Gaol and look into the gloom.
Celebrate Sunset
Only in Huron County can you catch a sunset twice.
Explore Goderich
Lined with dozens of restaurants and boutiques the Square is a hub of activity and a great spot to stop for lunch.
Goderich Celtic Roots Festival
No matter your cultural heritage during the second weekend in August everyone who comes to Goderich has Celtic Roots.
Little Village, Big Charm
Home to more than twenty eateries plus a weekly farmers’ market.
Raising The Barn
Rebuilding a barn complete with a silo and windmill in the middle of a town is not an easy undertaking.
The Port Of Goderich
Around 250 lake freighters and ocean-going vessels annually pass through the break walls and dock alongside the piers to be loaded with salt, grain and calcium chloride.
Village of Blyth
Explore the village of Blyth where agri meets culture.