Although small in area, Brussels packs a punch!  Exhibiting ornate commercial architecture and stately homes combined with gorgeous gardens and event spaces, and a touch of whimsy with its very own Fairy Door Trail.

For those looking to stay, Brussels offers some outstanding accommodation choices, the DeWit Luxury Suites, featuring condominium style suites which seamlessly combine the past history of the building (built in 1892!) with modern amenities, the Gray’s of Brussels B&B, a century home with food offerings that are second to none (one review raving that owners Pete and Terri should receive a Michelin Star!), and Solace on Turnberry, where you could stay until the end of days, with their spacious suites, a unique gift shop, and a wellness spa!

Stop and grab a bite at JRs Family Restaurant and once fueled up, it’s time to get your walking shoes on, partaking in the town’s historical walking tour. On your way, be sure to drop by Cowboy Loft, to pick yourself up a pair of fashionable leather cowboy boots or a big-buckled belt, head to Cranbrook Acres Alpacas, to strike up a friendship with an alpaca (and to see all of the wonderful creations they have made with their fibre), the Brussels Farmers’ Market, for some homemade treats and sweets, or to take in the beauty of the Brussels Four Winds Barn!

Continue your stroll over to the Brussels Conservation Area, enjoying the community garden boxes (bursting with lettuce and spinach for the taking!) and the beautiful Butterfly Garden on the way. Pull up in the park for a picnic (perhaps with that pizza you picked up at JRs Family Restaurant earlier?), or just take in the peaceful ambiance, as you watch and listen to the Brussels Dam.

Courtesy of Gray of Brussels B&B

Courtesy of Cowboy Loft

Courtesy of Brussels Fairy Door Trail

Brussels Park
The Old Shop
Brussels Fire Department